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Fortuna helps automate your sales cycle, we're the ultimate business development automation experts. Our mission is to help companies grow their business and lead the next generation of AI-powered productivity tools allowing our clients to focus more on the personal, human side of their business.

We picture an organization where Artificial Intelligence automates the sales process – taking administrative and time-consuming tasks off employees’ shoulders.

Supercharge your Team by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

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Fortuna Feature Stack

Intelligent Prospecting

Automate your sales prospecting efforts

Start with building your ideal customer profile

Your ideal customer profile allows you to filter through millions of prospects to find your ideal customer

You get a curated list of prospects to target for your sales campaigns

Save time, get in front of your ideal customers and increase conversions

Intelligent Conversations

Fortuna IC allows you to automate your sales campaigns

Guide your prospects through the entire sales journey, from introduction to product education

Fortuna IC is a virtual sales assistant that tracks engagement and customizes conversations to increase conversions

Fortuna IC uses natural sounding language to communicate to sound like a real human sales agent

Intelligent Scheduling

Fortuna IS automates your scheduling tasks

Fortuna IS can check your availability and schedule a meeting in your calendar with your prospects

Fortuna IS sends automatic reminders, and can even handle rescheduling and cancellations

Fortuna IS can also book meetings with your current clients. Just CC your virtual sales assistant and watch the meetings show up

Build Your Ideal Customer Profile

Sales professionals today spend an average of 120 hours per month prospecting for clients, Fortuna allows you to build your ideal customer persona in 5 minutes

Create Targeted Campaigns

Fortuna is the smart way to prospect more leads. Prospect leads that are highly targeted and segmented increasing your ROI

Target Endless Prospects

Automate your lead generation funnel by tapping into our AI powered database of 225M active business professionals and 10M companies

AI Data Verification

Fortuna leverages AI and machine learning to self clean the data on hand delivering clean lead prospecting data including emails and direct phone numbers

Save Time & Money

Gone are the days of going back and forth just to find a convenient meeting time. Just CC Alex and she will take care of the rest, from sending the first email, to following up and to sending meeting confirmations

Full Customization

Fortuna is fully customizable to your business needs, don't want to meet before 10am, want to meet at the coffee shop around the corner, want to reschedule a meeting, no problem. Just let your Virtual Assistant know and she will handle it

Natural Language

Fortuna interacts with everyone in natural language via email, just like you would. As far as anyone will be able to tell, your Virtual Assistant is a full-time dedicated member of your team

Artificial & Human Intelligence

Fortuna adapts to your workflow, no matter the complexity. Fortuna is backed 24/7 by experienced Executive Assistants, promising an AI that is backed by human intelligence

Sales Automation For Results

Fortuna is a virtual sales assistant that mimics what an actual sales rep sounds like, going back and forth with your clients

Boost Lead Conversions

Fortuna works for you 24/7 engaging and starting conversations with prospects to solicit a response 

Increase Sales Productivity

Fortuna takes the guess work out of nurturing prospects and allows your sales professionals to do what they do best, closing business

Deeper Insights

Fortuna comes with a built in dashboard and analytics allowing your sales leaders to keep an eye on client engagement and ROI

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