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Helping local businesses create new customers in a whole new way, without any additional marketing spend

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For Small Businesses

With Fortuna, simplify how you interact and engage with your customers. Fortuna is the next level of Customer Creation. Helping you win new customers, increase loyalty and engagement.

Start quickly with easy integration and on-boarding
Solve the root cause of negative feedback before it becomes public
Save the effort and costs of managing your online reputation on multiple different platforms
Turn your most loyal customers into your sales army. Amplify your word of mouth sales
Get powerful insights on what your business reputation is
Get up and running in 5 minutes
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For Service Providers

Leverage social selling to grow your business. Gone are the days of cold calling and door knocking. Go where your customers are, online!

Easy to setup, on-boarding and manage
Harness the power of social selling. No more cold outreach!
Automated engagement, follow up and qualification. Do less, close more
Let our advanced AI do all the heavy lifting, from finding to engaging to qualifying prospects
Save time networking and prospecting. Spend more time closing
Let your network do the selling for you. Build your reputation, have prospects approach you
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For Enterprises

Fortuna makes it easy to manage your brand reputation and presence online. One platform to manage how your customers view your company and brand. Instantaneous feedback, and instantaneous results all powered by AI

Drive customer growth and happiness at scale
Transform how you listen to customer feedback
Convert your customers into your marketing engine
Turn real-time customer feedback into actionable insight
Omni-channel insights for 10 or 10,000 locations
Enterprise grade reporting, security and support

Use the power of AI to create new customers!

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