Artificial Intelligence
to Grow Your Sales

We help sales teams engage, qualify and book more meetings with your customers to crush your sales goals

What is Fortuna?

Foster real conversations, at scale with your customers

AI-powered sales assistant that works tirelessly to engage and qualify more leads to help generate more revenue

No more cold calling, this is the new way to discover your most qualified sales leads

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Use AI to drive more sales
Your clients deserve the best. But your sales reps spend up to80% of the time with repetitive and time consuming work,leaving very little room for creativity.

Fortuna's Virtual Sales Assistant identifies leads that showinterest so your rep can spend more time closing qualifiedprospects.
Use AI to understand your customers
Understand how your customers feel with the power ofAI-powered insights.

Learn how Fortuna's Virtual Sales Assistant uses tonalityand sentiment analysis to have human-like two-wayconversations.
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