Simplifying the world of sales and growth.

We have one mission: to demystify the world of business development. Sales is part art, part science and part intuition! We exist to to help companies focus on building what they love and leaving the sales to us. We can help companies of any size in their Go-To-Market efforts!


A culture of client centric innovation. At Fortuna, we value an inclusive and diverse environment where technical precision, passion, and curiosity pave the way for customer centric building. Above all, we value and prioritize our interactions with our clients. Everything we do is designed to make your life easier and help you better communicate and engage with your clients.

Since 2017, we’ve worked together to bring our individual skills, collective expertise, and evolving insights to every project we are trusted to take on by our clients - from helping design the initial engagement campaigns to leveraging their existing client base as a growth engine.

As we grow, this tradition of excellence and continuous appetite for learning, innovating, and building for our clients continues to guide our work every day

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Get To Know The Team

James Miller

Ceo & founder

Hiking addict, guitarist, design furniture lover and RISD grad. Operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft experiences that people remember.

Dalia Holmes

co-founder, cmo

Mother of 2, DJ, creative marketer, music and art lover. Operating at the junction of data science and intuition to develop marketing campaigns that bring results.

Denise Yoder

co-founder, cto

Serial entrepreneur, vegan, cat mom, always looking for the next gret podcast. Operating at the sweet spot between art and science to delight customers.

Tobias Nash

Senior Developer

Autodidact developer, aspiring astronaut, NBA fan and self-help junkie. Operating at the junction of simplicity and elegance to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.

Hanifa Lim

Senior Developer

Foodie, Hemingway fanatic, flautist and gamer.  Operating at the sweet spot between genius and madness to inspire the next generation of software developers.

Hector Martinez

Senior Designer

Addicted to typography, striving to get 1% better every day, always trying to get that WOW effect. Operating at the crossroads between beauty and performance.

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