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You just focus on the close!

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Our results speak for themselves, we guarantee that you will gain new exposure, find new prospects and book 5 - 10 meetings monthly with qualified and interested leads.

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Case Studies

Before Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Inconsistent Lead Flow
- Tried various online marketing strategies
- Reliance on referrals
After Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Consistent & Predictable lead flow
- 10-15 new meetings per month
- 50 new clients signed on
AccountingKW, 2019
Before Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- All business was referral based
- No online marketing presence
After Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Fully automated top of sales funnel
- Consistent high quality lead flow
- 30 new accounts closed
Bland & Associates, 2019
Before Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- No online presence at all
- No idea about online marketing
- Mostly referral based
After Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Complete Sales funnel redesign
- Quality meetings consistently every month
- 86% month over month growth in new business
Ehlers, 2019
Before Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Heavy reliance on referrals and existing relationships
- Tried online marketing without much success
- Not happy with marketing consultants and agencies
After Fortuna Intelligent Outreach
- Designed the top and mid sales funnel
- Streamlined and automated prospecting
- Fully functional sales funnel. 45 new clients.
LABENZ, 2019

Fortuna for Connecting


Higher response rates with our proprietary AI technology

Fortuna for Messaging


More opens and replies to all messaging through Fortuna

Fortuna for Converting


Higher conversions from conversations initiated with Fortuna

Powerful AI Run Sales Campaigns

Supercharge your booking rate using artificial intelligence
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Supercharge your booking rate using artificial intelligence
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Supercharge your booking rate using artificial intelligence
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Change the way you find new clients

How Fortuna Intelligent Outreach works?

What is social prospecting?

Social Prospecting is a method of finding new clients using the power of digital social channels. If your business thrives on the influx of new awareness and eyeballs to your business, then it is the most powerful method of getting in front of new clients.

There has been a fundamental shift in how people communicate. We are more and more reliant on our smartphones and social networks. It's just so much easier to message someone than to meet face-to-face. People love this type of communication. These social networks are designed to get your attention and then keep it there. So what better way to get in front of new clients, than the place that has been captive by design?

Investing in social prospecting is extremely effective when done right, and at Fortuna, we’re experts in partnering with you to develop your strategy and then automate the effort to deliver tangible results. Your network determines your net-worth, and we'll make you a superstar!

1. Your ideal client profile

The first step in building a successful social campaign is to really understand who is it that you want to target? Social prospecting can be a very powerful tool, if used properly. Its best to start by defining the prospects you want to go after.

We can start by looking at your current situation, and who exactly are your best clients. With this information, we can construct what is called a lookalike audience. Once we have this audience set, we can fine tune the other aspect of the campaigns for maximum success.

Narrow and well defined is the surefire to get your message heard. This narrow focus allows you to become a specialist and the go to expert for any financial issues being faced by this specific population.

2. Automated engagement

Once we have defined the ideal client profile for your business. We can go ahead and design the messaging campaigns. We have a dedicated team of in-house copy writing experts that will craft unique and high converting messaging for your business. You are fully involved in this process and we can create the messaging to reflect your own unique voice.

Our job is not done when the messaging is complete, next we automate the messaging and follow up sequence to make sure we are approaching the targets at the best time of day, with the right frequency all designed to get a response.

Going one step further, we also continually monitor the performance of all campaigns we run. This means that if we see that a specific messaging sequence, frequency, or timing of the messaging is lagging our global averages, we refine and test again.

How the AI works?

1. AI Chat Bot built on Fortuna's Sales Automation Engine.

Our social media chatbot is built on our proprietary AI sales automation technology to take over everyday repetitive and mundane tasks, leaving you with more time to do what you do best. Close Business!

2. Converses Like a Human

Our Chatbot starts the conversation on your social media platform with your ideal prospect. It introduces you and your business, and then qualifies them into a call or a meeting with you

3. Works seamlessly with you without any interruptions

The chatbot works in partnership with you to grow your business. It starts the conversation and pre-qualifies the prospects. Once the prospect is ready to learn more or speak to you in person, the bot hands off the conversation from there for you to takeover.

4. You always know whats going on

You get access to your very own dashboard, where you can see exactly how your campaigns are performing. From daily stats to historical comparisons. Your dashboard is your one stop shop for everything prospecting related. You can see your connections, and even chat with them if you so wish, all through the platform.


Starter Plan

Social Profile Audit
750 Interactions/month
Automated Engagement
Drip Campaigns
2 Marketing Videos
Weekly Support Calls
Dedicated 24/7 Support
Ongoing strategy and refinement
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Basic Plan

Social Profile Audit
1200 Interactions/month
Automated Engagement
Drip Campaigns
4 Marketing Videos
Weekly Support Calls
Dedicated 24/7 Support
Multiple Campaigns
Facebook Marketing Solution*
Ongoing strategy and refinement
Start For Free

Pro Plan

Social Profile Audit
2000 Interactions/month
Automated Engagement
Drip Campaigns
6 Marketing Videos
Weekly Support Calls
Dedicated 24/7 Support
Multiple Campaigns
Facebook Marketing Solution
Ongoing strategy and refinement
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Full Done For You

Everything in the team plan, but we handle the A - Z.

You just sit back and watch your calendar getting filled up.
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1. Is this platform compliant?
Yes, we are compliance approved at most brokerages and wirehouses. This platform was designed from the get go to make sure we don't run afoul of any SEC and FINRA compliance guidelines. We don't solicit clients for services or products using the messaging. If there are any compliance questions, we work directly with your compliance officer to resolve them.

2. How well does this work?
In our experience each client and practice is different. This being said, however all businesses need exposure, visibility and to stay in front of their ideal prospects. Engagement using Fortuna IO has shown excellent results and can guarantee between 5 and 10 meetings per month.
Fortuna IO ensures a steady stream of hot leads for you by utilizing the connection invites and messages that are designed to get responses and meetings for our Clients.
We continually fine-tune our messaging and strategy to ensure we double down of what works and drop what doesn't.

3. How does Fortuna know that my target clients are on social media?
Simple answer, because the data tells us. Social media today has the reach to directly connect to you any persona you could be looking for. Just do a quick google search for stats on social media demographics, and you will see that your target market is doing research, looking for referrals, and "keeping their finger on the pulse" of business. These days, everything starts online.

4. Who are you guys anyway?
We have a very diverse group of individuals calling Fortuna their home, we are ex-advisors, bankers, tech-nerds, data scientists and engineers. Our past experience includes work for companies like CIBC Asset Management, TD Waterhouse, RBC GAM, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and a University professorship to boot. We all are passionate about making sure our clients are as successful in their businesses as they can be.

5. I want to wait to implement a solution like this...
You absolutely can, but you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Others out there are already implementing this strategy, social media is basically table stakes in this day and age and an automated automated social prospecting tool like this helps you create a new avenue of qualified leads.

6. Could this be considered cold outreach?
Yes, but remember this isn’t your typical “cold outreach”. The messages only go to those people that are in your niche target and have been thoroughly vetted. Then the AI system starts building the relationship, visiting their profiles, adding them, and then messaging them. Once you get that meeting, its no-longer cold outreach.

7. What exactly do I get when I sign up?
A done for you prospecting service. We do a consulting session with you to understand your market, and ideal client profile. Based on our discussion, we design and build the messaging and from there our AI based system takes over, connecting, messaging and following up with prospects to help book your calendar.
8. What can I do ensure success by using Fortuna IO?
We can only take you so far. That is why we work with you to ensure that the first impression that the client has of you is a good one. We do this by helping you spruce up your social profiles to highlight who you are, and how you are the right person for them to talk to.

9. Who owns the messaging, data and client relationships?
You own all the messaging, the data and the client relationships.

10. How do you deal with capacity issues?
We have a very strict limit on how many clients are using our platform from the same geographical region. Our ratio for clients to public is 1:50,000. In other words, we only on-board 1 client for every 50,000 in population.

11. What if I don't have budget for a tool like this?
This is a business development tool that will help you generate qualified leads. Think about how much you would pay for a lead who is willing to get a phone call or meet for coffee with you - we provide 5-10 of these leads per month and if you close 1 of those leads, the tool will pay for itself.  

12. Will this really work for me?
Yes, this is just a digital marketing tool. We use it with hundreds of clients across North America, in fact we use it for our sales and marketing efforts as well. Rest assured, this will work for you really well especially if you are just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers or looking for new ways to accelerate fill your funnel

13. What are the next steps?
Book a 15-min discovery call with one of our Growth Team members to talk about whether social prospecting can work for you and your business.

14. How many new clients will I get from this?
We don’t give you clients, we give you qualified leads that want to talk to you. Your results will be unique to you and your business. If you have a great offer and a proven sales strategy, you will see results.

15. Is it hard to set up?
No, it's very easy. In our most popular package, we help you get set-up and comfortable with the platform, and then our A.I. does the rest. You will also have a dedicated client success manager available if you have any questions or concerns throughout your engagement with Fortuna.

16. What does my Profile need to communicate?
You need to have a clean, informative profile that communicates your value, has a call to action (CTA) and shows who you are. You really need to convey your unique value proposition and how you help your clients.