Jon Mcintosh
Raintree Financial
Ontario, Can
Client Since: Jan 2019

The Challenge (before Fortuna):

+ Inconsistent lead generation efforts
+ Heavy reliance on cold calling, referrals
+ Unproductive cross referral arrangements

The Results with Fortuna:

+ 10 - 15 meetings per month consistently
+ $13 million in the pipeline because of Fortuna
+ 200+ meetings with quality prospects in 2019

What Jon has to say:

“Fortuna has been instrumental in helping me build my business. I use Fortuna as my primary marketing strategy since I can easily get 10 - 15 meetings per month regularly. Fortuna has been able to develop a pipeline for me through my online presence. When Fortuna was referred to me by a colleague, I was skeptical, but Fortuna has helped me close off 2019 with 150 - 200 meetings.

I find working with Fortuna very easy, you guys get me the connections, get me the meetings and the support is great. If there are any issues I am well taken care of and the relationship has been great! The only thing I will have to anyone looking to work with you guys is that they need to be prepared to close deals and build a solid process to handle the volume. If they can do that then it’s great! I have over $13 million in the pipeline thanks for Fortuna.”

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Advisors Thrive With Fortuna

Learn how Jon grew in-person appointments by 70%
Learn from Jon
- Jon McIntosh, Toronto

See how Mike has completely eliminated cold calling.

Learn from Mike
- Mike Miele, Boston

Learn how Jake saves time and closes deals face-to-face.

Learn from Jake
- Jake Stoneburner, Ohio

A state-of-the-art AUM Growth Platform for Financial Advisors to connect, convert and close better with a suite of digital tools

Increase reply rates by 200-300%

Chasing clients is tough, whether it be a new prospect or existing client - video garners a faster response and 3x higher click-thru rate leading your customer to actually interact with you. Superior customer experience always wins.

Scale your business for success

Amplify your AUM growth by accessing a new client acquisition channel. Gain visibility, attract new clients and grow your business with a robust digital presence. Establish trust, credibility and get found online. Scale the right way!

30% Increase in Conversions

Increase conversion rate with dynamic landing pages and video, a text-based email or LinkedIn message doesn't stand out or differentiate you in any way. Video is the modern weapon of choice.

Increase referrals

56% of our clients said that video helps building warmer relationships with clients. Personalize anything (videos, landing pages). Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

"Employing both digital and traditional prospecting strategies on a regular basis are crucial to growing your practice"

- Investment Executive Jan 2018

Change the way you find new clients

How does Fortuna Work?


Initial Consultation

Jump on a call with us to find out how we work with our clients. This is the call we determine mutual fit and goals.


Niche Discovery

Our growth specialists work with you to determine your niche. This is where we finalize the ongoing marketing strategy.


Workflow Automation

Fortuna is a technology company first, and in this we provide advanced AI powered tools to help you engage, connect and qualify prospects.


Fortuna Profile Creation

Your exclusive Fortuna Profile page. This is your online business card. We add you to our directory run the SEO/marketing, you reap the benefits.


Content Strategy Initiation

This is your full content strategy for the 10 months of our promise. We work with you to design, implement and distribute this content.


Distribution Automation

Leverage our advanced in-house tools to automate the distribution for all content across all social and online channels. Vastly increasing your range.


Weekly Review

We are here for you as much or as little as you want. Our goal is to help you grow, and for that we make ourselves available anytime you need!

Fortuna for Connecting


Higher response rates with our proprietary AI technology

Fortuna for Messaging


More opens and replies to all messaging through Fortuna

Fortuna for Converting


Higher conversions for all prospects engaged with Fortuna

End to End Platform for AUM Growth

Supercharge your AUM growth using workflow automation

Using Fortuna's advanced AI powered chatbot, reach out to your ideal clients on social selling channels. Find, engage and convert like never before.

+ Prospect when you sleep
+ Automated drip campaigns.
+ 1 step setup, reach out to 1000's of prospects monthly.

Increase your prospect touch points

Supercharge your emotional intelligence and client empathy by using our built-in tone analyzer which converts your speech to text and analyzes it scoring your emotion and communication style – to help you perform better use lead conversions tools, funnel and landing page builders

Add Call-to-actions within all your content sharing

Adding Call-to-actions to all your content (including third party content) has shown to increase response and conversion rates by as much as 56%. Fortuna makes it easy for you to nudge your prospects into taking action

Measure Results

When you start becoming a distribution machine, you need to get instantly notified as soon as a prospect turns into a lead. Be always in the know, when a prospects, opens, responds, or takes any sort of action within your sales funnel

Be where your clients are – online!

Leverage the power of Fortuna’s fully integrated platform that works where you do. Fortuna makes it easy for you to personally reach out to the exact people you want to be doing business with.

Fortuna Profiles

Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible. When instructions are absolutely necessary, cut them back to a bare minimum.

See a Sample Profile

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