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FinServ Client Acquisition Platform

You need more clients, but don't know where to start. This is where our team of marketing experts comes in. We work with you to design and implement your marketing strategy!

The world's best companies trust Fortuna

Holistic Sales & Marketing Support

No 'one size fits all' marketing funnels here! Every business is different and requires different approaches. We take the holistic approach to planning, just like you do!

Automation in all the right spots

Leverage our AI powered tools to offload your prospecting burden. You need new clients, not a whole lot of extra work! We get it.

Designed around your needs

Our team has deep domain knowledge of the Financial Services market. Afterall, a lot of us here come from the industry. We know what your day to day looks like! We'll even handle compliance.

Learn from others

We work with over a 1000 financial professionals across the country. So that campaign you are looking to run, we already know how it goes, and we are not afraid to share the feedback.

World class support

Seriously, world class. Every client gets a dedicated account manager that is tasked with one thing only: Your Success. If you are not succeeding, neither are we. So we are in to win it!

Delivering results.
Driving Growth.

  • Customized marketing funnel design for your specific needs.
  • World class technology combined with world class execution.
  • Fully supported by exceptional marketing and copy professionals for each and every campaign.
  • Average of $1 million per month in AUM increase.
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“Fortuna has been able to develop a pipeline for me through my online presence. Fortuna has helped me close off 2019 with 200 new client meetings."

Jon McIntosh
Financial Advisor

Increase your AUM with a long-term partner.

  • Modern and polished marketing funnel
  • Technology first, service & support inclusive
  • Exclusive intros to in-market prospects
  • Scale marketing and sales all within one platform!
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“The exposure and awareness Fortuna has been able to bring to my business is amazing. It's been able to get me in front of people that are the exact people want to do business with. The pipeline has never been stronger!”.

Mike Miele, Financial Advisor

"Fortuna has been instrumental in helping us get our sales pipeline built out. We saw ROI pretty quickly after starting our program. These guys know what they are doing!"

Carmine Sementa
Manager, Business Development

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