Jon Mcintosh
Raintree Financial
Ontario, Can
Client Since: Jan 2019

The Challenge (before Fortuna):

+ Inconsistent lead generation efforts
+ Heavy reliance on cold calling, referrals
+ Unproductive cross referral arrangements

The Results with Fortuna:

+ 10 - 15 meetings per month consistently
+ $13 million in the pipeline because of Fortuna
+ 200+ meetings with quality prospects in 2019

What Jon has to say:

“Fortuna has been instrumental in helping me build my business. I use Fortuna as my primary marketing strategy since I can easily get 10 - 15 meetings per month regularly. Fortuna has been able to develop a pipeline for me through my online presence. When Fortuna was referred to me by a colleague, I was skeptical, but Fortuna has helped me close off 2019 with 150 - 200 meetings.

I find working with Fortuna very easy, you guys get me the connections, get me the meetings and the support is great. If there are any issues I am well taken care of and the relationship has been great! The only thing I will have to anyone looking to work with you guys is that they need to be prepared to close deals and build a solid process to handle the volume. If they can do that then it’s great! I have over $13 million in the pipeline thanks for Fortuna.”

Enabling Financial Advisors to compete in the 21st century using the power of video

+ Prepare for a digital and virtual world, build instant credibility, trust and rapport remotely
+ Hyper personalization at scale, essentially going door to door on the internet
+ Support your clients during tough times, interact timely information to convert more opportunities

* Limited to 250 advisors only

A state-of-the-art platform for Financial Advisors to connect, convert and close better with personalized video conversations

Increase reply rates by 200-300%

Chasing clients is tough, whether it be a new prospect or existing client - video garners a faster response and 3x higher click-thru rate leading your customer to actually interact with you. Superior customer experience always wins.

Effortless client communication

Save countless hours spent gathering client communication for compliance, organize all communicate in one spot. Quarterly review with clients, share a recording. Sending birthday greetings - record it.

30% Increase in Conversions

Increase conversion rate with dynamic landing pages and video, a text-based email or LinkedIn message doesn't stand out or differentiate you in any way. Video is the modern weapon of choice.

Increase referrals

56% of our clients said that video helps building warmer relationships with clients. Personalize anything (videos, landing pages). Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

400+ Happy Advisors. You're In Good Company

Advisors Thrive With Fortuna

Learn how Jon grew in-person appointments by 70%
Learn from Jon
- Jon McIntosh, Toronto

See how Mike has completely eliminated cold calling.

Learn from Mike
- Mike Miele, Boston

Learn how Jake saves time and closes deals face-to-face.

Learn from Jake
- Jake Stoneburner, Ohio
Our existing clients have averaged $10M AUM increase in 10 months or less by essentially going door to door on the internet using video

Whether you're a new Financial Advisor or an Industry Vet, Fortuna gives you the tools.

Personalize - get at least 10 new meetings monthly

You're better in person, but today's sales cycle confines you to digital communication. Stand out with your prospecting, client communication and outreach - book 10-14 monthly HNW meetings with qualified investors guaranteed!

AI Powered Tone Analyzer

Supercharge your emotional intelligence and client empathy by using our built in tone analyzer which converts your speech to text and analyzes it scoring your emotion and communication style.

Canned Responses

Save time by using pre-recorded videos as templated responses with a simple click.  Help you increase client touch points.

Tracking & Analytics

The insights you need are available at your fingertips. Reach back out when you're top of mind. Know who's opening, clicking, and playing - and exactly when. Go as deep as you'd like with analytics.

Reminders & Referrals

Communicate more effectively - never miss another opportunity. Clients will appreciate the personalized interaction. Leverage your relationships and increase income.

Done for you cold video templates

Choose from over 12 personalized script that have been battle tested to convert. Add a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to prospect at scale.

Powerful Features to Help You Get New Clients

Record right within the browser

Leverage the power of Fortuna's fully integrated platform that works where you do. Record prospect videos right where you find them, in your browser, through your email, while browsing Linkedin. Fortuna makes it easy for your to personally reach out to the exact people you want!

Measure Results

Get instantly notified as soon as a prospect views your personal video message. Be always in the know, when a prospect, opens, plays and takes an action on the video you sent!

Add Call-To-Actions within your videos

Adding Call-to-Actions in your video messages has shown to increase response and conversation rates by as much as 56%! Fortuna makes it easy for you to nudge your prospects into taking action!

Distribute videos using personalized landing pages

Every video is displayed on a fully personalized landing page designed just for them. This process is fully automated, and as soon as you save the video, the landing page is automatically generated!

Seamless Integrations

Fortuna offers you seamless integrations to maximize your workflow. Easily connect with any tools you are already using to setup automations. Send pre-recorded videos based on trigger events on your website, newsletters, webinars etc.

Do your business a favour. Start using Fortuna and get remarkable results instantaneously.

Join our invite-only waiting list today - you don't want to miss this.  


With just one click, create intelligent personalized videos that automate, improve and personalize interactions to drastically increase results.


Sell more effectively, ask for referrals in a unique way, stay on top of customers milestones in a remarkable way. Videos ALWAYS make a bigger impact!


More compelling and engaging messaging is a surefire way to ultimately sell more effectively and boost revenue. Advisors NEED videos today to win the modern customer!

* Limited to 250 advisors only
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On average, advisory firms spend $5900 to acquire ONE client!

Lifetime pricing: $297 Forever... Our lifetime package is built for financial advisors, giving you unlimited prospecting capabilities, advanced features and front of the line support!

1 software license for live video + recordings

Screen Recording

Real Time Analytics

Video Scripting

Unlimited Video Sends

Front of the line phone and email support

Gmail/Outlook App and Chrome Extension

Tracking your opportunities with opens, plays and clicks

Access to group coaching sessions

Access to advisor mastermind group

Exclusive Lifetime Deal

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Unlimited Lifetime Access

Pay Once and Enjoy Forever

Access To All New Features

Save $$ In the First Year Already

Invest Smart (In Software)

Great Client Support

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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