Drive AUM Growth Using Video and Automation

Enterprise video solutions and sales automation to deliver consistent and repeatable results.

+ Build rapport and close accounts faster
+ Build instant credibility and trust
+ Hyper personalization at scale
+ Grow your bottom line
+ Book More Meetings
+ Convert More Opportunities
+ Increase your Net Promoter Score


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Fortuna just works

Real relationships, real results. We have the numbers to prove it.

Ensure compliance and reduce risk using intelligent automation

+ Regulatory coverage with built-in policy templates for detecting risks such as FINRA, FFIEC Reg Z (TILA), MiFID II & FCA risks in both audio and video.

+ General coverage for GDPR, PII, PCI, CII, and related risks in audio and video.

+ Custom policy options for firm-specific compliance requirements in audio and video.

Universal Content Approval

+ Simple to use compliance framework making reviews and approvals quick and efficient.

Pre-vetted templates for various client/prospect communication

Sales/communication campaigns begin automatically after compliance approval

Duplicate content is automatically tagged and auto-approved.

Intelligent Robo-Compliance

+ Reduce your corporate compliance workload by leveraging AI-Powered real time content reviews and approvals.

Real time learning for the AI system leverages your human compliance assets to get smarter on content control and risk management.

Maintain a full history of all approvals and rejections for audit purposes.

Compliant Archiving and Security

+ All your data is secured using unique, customer managed encryption keys. Your data is secure in transit, in access, at rest, in architecture, in redaction, and in removal.

Complete control of the life-cycle of files, including support for legal, external auditor access requests, and ongoing policy changes.

Fortuna undergoes frequent security audits completed by our in-house data security team to ensure adherence to financial industry standard data security protocols.

Enterprise Support Like No Other

+ Dedicated Enterprise Relationship Manager to establish goals and implement required configurations of compliance, control, and reporting.

+ Full support to utilize Fortuna's reporting center for data visualization and strategy

+ Establish schedule for regular educational webinars and in-house training

+ Dedicated PM from our engineering team to assist in API access and configuration

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Enter your email below and we will send you a personal video message. Experience a real person in your inbox.
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