$10 million in AUM in 10 months or less.

What you will learn:
+ How to dominate client acquisition in the digital era
+ The modern way to scale your advisory practice using AI and technology to grow AUM
+ The little-known digital secrets that could amplify your AUM pipeline by complementing your current efforts

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Advisors Thrive With Fortuna

Learn how Jon grew in-person appointments by 70%
Learn from Jon
- Jon McIntosh, Toronto

See how Mike has completely eliminated cold calling.

Learn from Mike
- Mike Miele, Boston

Learn how Jake saves time and closes deals face-to-face.

Learn from Jake
- Jake Stoneburner, Ohio

Search millions of prospects

Never run short of prospect lists. Search LinkedIn like you normally do. Easily import your search results. Save unlimited lists and start outreach campaigns.

Go with the safest platform on the planet

Automatically get dedicated IP address based on your location, inbuilt randomization and usage limit protections to avoid detection. Automate, yet look human.

Get new leads in your inbox everyday

Invite up to 100 people a day. And, automatically send follow up messages after invite acceptance. Book more meetings & demos.

Trust the the most advanced platform

55 Plus features to make you more productive. Interactive inbox, API & zapier, reports & charts, duplicate suppression, blacklist, auto withdraw etc.

Monetize your existing network

You worked hard to build your network. Now leverage it. Send message sequences like drip emails to your 1st connections. Unlock new opportunities.

Unmatched Support

Our team is available to help you 24/7 365. You get a dedicated account manager that helps with every aspect of your campaigns.

Supercharge your growth with AI powered automation

Easily build a lead generation funnel that runs itself. Using Fortuna advanced AI powered sales assistant -ConnectPro; reach out to your ideal clients. Find, engage and convert like never before.

+ Prospect when you sleep
+ Automated drip campaigns.
+ 1 step setup, reach out to 1000's of prospects monthly.

Start deploying video to help you stand out

Delight your prospects with value-driven, personal outreach. Embrace the power of video to help you connect and build more intimate and sustainable relationships with your prospects and client alike!

+ Personalization has never been so easy
+ High converting video scripts and templates included
+ Fully Compliant

Unmatched Support to drive your growth!

Our team is available to help you 24/7 365. You get a dedicated account manager that helps with every aspect of your campaigns. See why Advisors keep coming back to us!

+ Each client is supported by a dedicated success manager
+ Fortuna University - online courses to help you level up!
+ 1 on 1 consulting and strategy support on a weekly basis
+ Real-time results. Reporting at your fingertips

Breadth to support your growth at every stage

After working with over 700 advisors, engaging 10 million prospects and powering 2 million monthly interactions has given us the breadth of knowledge you need on your side to grow your business.

+ Expertise for early and growth stage advisory businesses
+ Your true one stop shop for all your digital needs
+ Obsessive focus on helping your growth and client experience

See how Fortuna can help your business generate $10 million in next 10 months!

Jon Mcintosh
Raintree Financial
Ontario, Can
Client Since: Jan 2019

The Challenge (before Fortuna):

+ Inconsistent lead generation efforts
+ Heavy reliance on cold calling, referrals
+ Unproductive cross referral arrangements

The Results with Fortuna:

+ 10 - 15 meetings per month consistently
+ $13 million in the pipeline because of Fortuna
+ 200+ meetings with quality prospects in 2019

What Jon has to say:

“Fortuna has been instrumental in helping me build my business. I use Fortuna as my primary marketing strategy since I can easily get 10 - 15 meetings per month regularly. Fortuna has been able to develop a pipeline for me through my online presence. When Fortuna was referred to me by a colleague, I was skeptical, but Fortuna has helped me close off 2019 with 150 - 200 meetings.

I find working with Fortuna very easy, you guys get me the connections, get me the meetings and the support is great. If there are any issues I am well taken care of and the relationship has been great! The only thing I will have to anyone looking to work with you guys is that they need to be prepared to close deals and build a solid process to handle the volume. If they can do that then it’s great! I have over $13 million in the pipeline thanks for Fortuna.”