Supercharge your sales team with AI

Our virtual sales assistant finds qualified prospects for you.


No lead slips through the cracks! Our AI sales assistant engages and has natural two-way conversations 24/7 with your potential customers

Qualify your leads

Separate the tyre-kickers by understanding responses from leads, find customers who have the intent to buy for your sales team to follow up with

Uniquely Human

As human as it gets, at scale - give prospects a seamless human experience until they're qualified to speak to a real human agent

The Conversation Journey

Use AI to understand conversation and qualify leads

Lead qualification is sales people’s bread and butter.

Which is why we created a super virtual assistant that never stops qualifying prospects all year long. Like a real sales rep, the virtual assistant will have two-way conversations, follow-up periodically, handle objections, or request for information. Once the lead shows interest, your sales rep takes over to close the deal.

Personalized conversations powered by NLP

Not just a messaging script.

Optimize your sales pipeline by tailoring each message and personalizing your customer’s experience. Our virtual sales assistant engages new and old leads in a human-like tone, enabling higher response rates and conversions.

Know your prospects with powerful insights

Understand how your prospect feels.

We use tonality and sentiment analysis to graph out your prospect’s expressions and emotions, enabling 360 degree view of client engagement and allowing the virtual sales assistant to choose most appropriate conversation streams.

Qualify more with less

more pipeline, more meetings, more time spend closing

Sales Development Rep

  • 6
  • 1500
  • $30,000
  • 1,000
  • hours daily
  • hours annually
  • labor costs annually
  • leads qualified annually


  • 24
  • 8760
  • $12,000
  • 5,000
  • hours daily
  • hours annually
  • subscription costs annually
  • leads qualified annually